Are you ready for a positive change?®

Our Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise provides an opportunity for you to do good and make money® by building a business within a market that has exploding demand.

Seniors aged 85-and-above are one of the fastest-growing age groups in the US – and more than half of individuals need some level of assistance.

After almost 20 years in the senior care field, we know how to effectively Start, Grow and Manage business operations and how to build a strong franchise community. As a result, we can provide our new franchise owners with easy entry into their markets, as well as a high level of ongoing support. You’ll have all of the backing you need to start successfully and create your own dynamic in-home care business.

Starting a Franchise Allows You to Connect Seniors

  • Who can help fellow seniors navigate the challenges of old age through care and assistance; and
  • Who want to benefit from company just as much as the seniors who receive it

Want to learn more about a senior care franchise that delivers substantial rewards for your bottom line, as well as your heart? Take the next step toward joining our Seniors Helping Seniors® home care franchise community today by filling out our contact form!