Andy Malivuk - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than

Andy Malivuk is Tougher than 2020.

Franchise Partner Andy Malivuk has owned his Clearwater, FL, based location since 2016.  He built his business aggressively, always focusing on finding senior receivers and caregivers.  Skilled in marketing and operations he was a step ahead, driven by his desire to help a lot of seniors.

2020 didn’t slow Andy down.

He quickly adapted his referral sales and recruiting efforts, adding new referral sources and caregivers.  He increased his marketing efforts, stressing his ability to provide help to those in need.

Understanding the power of public relations, Andy made numerous media appearances.  Through social media, he expanded his reach, especially to potential caregivers.  His communication with his receivers, caregivers, referral sources, and office team was impeccable.

Simply put, Andy and his team help a lot of seniors.

Thank you, Andy, for all you do for seniors and for being Tougher than 2020.