Clint and Vonda Moxey - Tougher than 2020

Tougher Than

Clint and Vonda Moxey are Tougher than 2020.

Our franchise partners Clint and Vonda Moxey purchased an existing Reno, NV, based business in the summer of 2019.  They attended Owner’s Training in August and got off to a roaring start.  That’s Clint and Vonda above at their grand opening celebration.

Then came 2020.

But it wasn’t a problem for Clint and Vonda.  Their former careers had trained them to adapt quickly to changing situations.  Clint was a Navy helicopter pilot, Vonda an educator.

So they reset their work. They made certain their caregivers and receivers were safe, providing care themselves when needed. They stayed engaged, always sharing insights and information with the community.

When our Seniors Helping Seniors® 360™ TeleCare initiative launched, Clint and Vonda went big.  They connected with Washoe County to provide TeleCare check-in calls to at-risk seniors.

With determination and dedication, they were able to help more seniors in a time of great need.

Clint and Vonda, we thank you and honor you for being Tougher than 2020.  The best is yet to come.