Garry and Melanie Furlough - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than

Garry and Melanie Furlough are Tougher than 2020.

Cristobal, Marco, Laura, Sally, Beta, Delta, Zeta.  These are not the names of caregivers. These are the names of storms that have hit Louisiana during 2020.

As if COVID-19 wasn’t enough, our franchise partners Garry and Melanie Furlough have seen a steady parade of named storms march through their Baton Rouge territory.

How did they cope?

Garry and Melanie made certain that their receivers and caregivers were as safe as possible.  They made sure they had a plan.  They made sure they were informed.  They made sure that the best care was provided under the worst of conditions.

Has the term ‘weathered the storm’ ever been more appropriate?

Garry and Melanie, we thank you for all you do for seniors.  We honor you for being Tougher than 2020.