Greg DeMaagd - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than


Greg DeMaagd is Tougher than 2020!

Greg is our franchise partner located in Monterey County, CA. Like most of our partners, he has had to deal with the impact of the pandemic.  This includes lockdowns, PPE, fewer available caregivers, and general uncertainty.

And Greg faced one more thing…epic wildfires.

The River, Carmel, Dolan, and Colman fires all raged in Monterey County.  The Carmel fire was so close to Greg’s home that an evacuation was ordered. Greg loaded his office into his truck and was ready to flee.  Fortunately, a last-minute change in wind direction enabled authorities to call off the evacuation.

During all of these challenges, Greg did what he has been doing for years.  He kept the safety of his receivers and caregivers paramount.  He continued to work to find new caregivers.  He maintained his community connections and was able to help new receivers.

In other words, he never stopped trying to help seniors.

Greg, we thank you and honor you for being Tougher than 2020.