Jennifer Helin - Tougher than 2020



Jennifer Helin is Tougher than


Jennifer is a first-class marketer, well known in her territory.  Her high profile has helped her build a successful business based in Melbourne, FL.  She has been a partner since 2011.


So what happens when in-person contact stops?  When you can’t visit the facilities?  When caregiver candidates can’t visit your office?  What do you do?


If you’re Jennifer, you act!   She was an early and enthusiastic adopter of using electronic and digital tools to stay in touch with referral sources, caregivers, receivers, and her community.  Zoom, podcasts, email, PR, social media…she does it all and does it well!


Most importantly, she uses these tools to relentlessly advocate for seniors and our mission.


Congratulations, Jennifer! Thank you for all you do for seniors and for being Tougher than 2020!