Judy and Randy Loubier - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than

Judy and Randy Loubier are Tougher than 2020.

Judy and Randy’s territory is based in Bedford, NH.  They have been franchise partners since 2012.

Their sales at the beginning of the year were strong, on a pace to make 2020 their best year ever.

Then the pandemic hit.  Sales suffered in April…but it didn’t last long.

They went on a streak of outstanding sales months, including four consecutive record billing months.

How did that happen?  It happened the Loubier way.  They innovated in remote recruiting and caregiving.  They communicated with their receivers and caregivers thoroughly and thoughtfully.  For their caregivers, they instituted an attractive new pay plan.

They didn’t miss a beat in their sales and marketing efforts, despite the limitations on face-to-face meetings. They continued to say yes to complex cases that require a quick response.  Their team was encouraged and enabled to adapt and innovate.

Judy and Randy, we thank you for taking such good care of so many seniors, and for being Tougher than 2020.