Millie McNally - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than


Mille McNally is Tougher than 2020!

Carmella ‘Millie’ McNally found our franchise partner Diana Cabassi (FL) through an ad in a church bulletin. That’s Millie on the left, Diana on the right, in the photo.

Diana wrote this about Millie:

At 82 years of age, Millie is my oldest caregiver. The minute I met Millie in 2015, I knew that she was perfect for us.

Within the week, Millie was cleared to work and she was assigned to Claire, who happened to be another one of our church’s parishioners.

Although Millie would occasionally take on other small shifts on the days that she wasn’t assigned to Claire, she worked almost exclusively for her four days a week and became part of Claire’s family until the pandemic caused businesses to shut down in March.  Because of the uncertainty, Claire’s family decided to put services on hold. However, this did not stop Millie!  I immediately assigned her to Helen, another one of our receivers, who’s regular caregiver decided not to work during the pandemic.

When Helen’s regular caregiver was ready to start working again, Millie was devastated because they had grown very fond of each other.  On her last day, they both cried and Millie promised to stay in touch, and she does so routinely.

 Sadly, on Memorial Day, Claire, Millie’s original very long-term receiver, passed away from natural causes. Millie was heartbroken.

Nonetheless, I would continue assigning her to fill in for other caregivers and she would do so willingly.  But each time she would fall in love with them and parting became very difficult.

Now Millie has three receivers of her very own.  She cares for them like no one else does, goes grocery shopping for them, and prepares them delicious meals. She even calls them when she is off shift to make sure they are taking their medications on time. 

All of Millie’s families love her for who she is and so do we.

Thank you, Diana, for sharing Millie’s story with us.

Millie, we thank you and celebrate you for being Tougher than 2020!