Rhonda Nevers - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than

Rhonda Nevers is Tougher than 2020.

Home Health Aide Rhonda Nevers joined franchise partner Andy Malivuk’s Clearwater, FL, team in April of this year.

Andy tells us about Rhonda:

Right from the start, we knew we had someone special. She is a high energy senior and a gifted caregiver. She was working a lot of hours right from the start. Reliable, adaptable, and mission-oriented.

Then in late June, she contracted COVID-19.  She missed three weeks of work recovering.  We weren’t sure what she might want to do on her return.

She surprised us when she started working more than ever, taking on complex, short term, urgent need cases!  Rhonda’s caring heart and determination didn’t just impress us, it inspired us.  She is the best of the best.

Inspiring indeed!  Thank you, Andy, for telling us about Rhonda.

Rhonda, thank you for being part of our community. You are without a doubt Tougher than 2020!