Rob McGoff - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than

Rob McGoff is tougher than 2020.

Our franchise partner Rob McGoff had just completed his second year in business when the pandemic hit.  He runs a sprawling, mostly rural territory based in Hermitage, PA.

With all the uncertainty, Rob did something that even surprised him a bit.  He grew his business, setting new sales records month after month.

Rob stuck to his plan.  He continued to diversify his referral base.  He recruited heavily, skillfully using social media to secure new caregivers.

He lined the walking path near his office with recruiting lawn signs.  It paid off, getting him new caregivers and receivers.

A Meals on Wheels volunteer for years, he began receiving direct referrals from board members and fellow volunteers.

His ability to serve seniors during the pandemic enhanced his standing in his community, making him the ‘go-to guy’ for seniors in need.

We thank and honor Rob for working hard to help seniors.  He truly is Tougher than 2020.  We can’t wait to see what he does in 2021.