Team C - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than

Team C is Tougher than 2020!

Team C consists of three caregivers who work for our partner Jennifer Helin (FL).

Here is what Jennifer has to say about the team:

Erma Christman (bottom left), Marjorie Perry (top right), and Beverly Floyd (top right) all take turns caring for a client in an assisted living facility.  They have always done a great job but COVID-19  presented some real challenges.  Initially, the facility called and said we would not be considered essential.  After one evening without our caregivers, the facility called back and let us know that these ladies were absolutely essential!  The client has dementia and can be quite a handful but the ladies can keep her engaged so the staff can do their jobs.  They made sure the client was able to talk on the phone or Facetime each day with her daughter.  Each made sure they went to be tested every two weeks per Florida protocols.  On one occasion they all had to quarantine due to exposure from a hospice nurse.  Considering all three are in their 70’s, this was scary!  Luckily everyone was negative.  The ladies have been the daughter’s eyes and ears through the pandemic, especially important since the client is on hospice.  The daughter has been so grateful that they were in place before the pandemic began, knowing that her mom was getting lots of one on one attention despite the lockdown.

Essential is the word for Erma, Marjorie, and Beverly!  Other words come to mind too: tough, courageous, and caring.

Thank you, Jennifer, for telling us about Team C.

We congratulate Erma, Marjorie, and Beverly and thank them for being Tougher than 2020!