Rob McGoff - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than Rob McGoff is tougher than 2020. Our franchise partner Rob McGoff had just completed his second year in business when the pandemic hit.  He runs a sprawling, mostly rural territory based in Hermitage, PA. With all the uncertainty, … Read More

Rhonda Nevers - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than Rhonda Nevers is Tougher than 2020. Home Health Aide Rhonda Nevers joined franchise partner Andy Malivuk’s Clearwater, FL, team in April of this year. Andy tells us about Rhonda: Right from the start, we knew we had someone … Read More

Ray Bales - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than Ray Bales is Tougher than 2020. Like many businesses, our franchise partner Ray Bales was affected by the pandemic.  As the pandemic hit he struggled to find a way to connect with more senior caregivers and receivers in … Read More

Pat Hennigan - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than Pat Hennigan is Tougher than 2020. Suppose you purchased an existing Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services franchise.  That would present some challenges. Now suppose you purchased that business in February 2020.  That would be, dare I say, tough. … Read More

Garry and Melanie Furlough - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than Garry and Melanie Furlough are Tougher than 2020. Cristobal, Marco, Laura, Sally, Beta, Delta, Zeta.  These are not the names of caregivers. These are the names of storms that have hit Louisiana during 2020. As if COVID-19 wasn’t … Read More

Beatrice White - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than Beatrice White is Tougher than 2020! Beatrice is an extraordinary caregiver who works with our franchise partner Sylvie Hutchings (IL). Here is what Sylvie wrote about Beatrice: Beatrice was my first caregiver back in 2015. She had been … Read More

Ed Dunkel and Paul Kaiser - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than Ed Dunkel and Paul Kaiser are Tougher than 2020! Ah, sunny Boca Raton, Florida. What a great place to have a business that caters to seniors…until a pandemic hits. Our franchise partners Ed Dunkel (left in the photo) … Read More

Greg DeMaagd - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than   Greg DeMaagd is Tougher than 2020! Greg is our franchise partner located in Monterey County, CA. Like most of our partners, he has had to deal with the impact of the pandemic.  This includes lockdowns, PPE, fewer … Read More

Millie McNally - Tougher than 2020

Tougher than   Mille McNally is Tougher than 2020! Carmella ‘Millie’ McNally found our franchise partner Diana Cabassi (FL) through an ad in a church bulletin. That’s Millie on the left, Diana on the right, in the photo. Diana wrote … Read More