How Can You Ease the Painful Symptoms of Arthritis?

Caregivers in Papillion NE: How Can You Ease the Painful Symptoms of Arthritis?

Arthritis is a painful, sometimes debilitating disorder that affects millions of people. Basically, arthritis is inflammation of the joints though, depending on the type of arthritis, other issues can be at play.

For the types that are inflammation based, there may be some exercises and simple things you can try in an effort to ease the pain and find some relief. Be sure to check with your physician and senior care professional before starting any exercise program. Also, if there is pain while exercising, stop immediately.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get motivated to do anything physical, especially if you don’t know when the arthritis will flare up again. However, moving when you are able to do so could potentially improve general movement over a period of time. Also, exercising can help with things like mood and attitude.

Exercises that help to strengthen muscles such as yoga, light weights, palates, and other types of similar working outs can help to improve joints as well as your heart! Walking is also very beneficial as is riding a stationary bike or swimming. Water aerobics is fun and beneficial for your health. And being in the water makes it much easier to do stretching.

Another useful technique is getting good rest. It could be difficult to sleep when the bouts of arthritis arise. However, there could be other things keeping rest away. Some ways you might be able to sleep better at night include:

  • Avoiding caffeine close to going to sleep
  • Listening to soft music or nature sounds
  • Keeping the room dark

Sources suggest that being overweight or obese can contribute to arthritis symptoms. With excess body weight comes more tension on the joints. Perhaps eating healthier as well as exercising, might be helpful in easing some of the problems. Making changes to your diet is something you may want to discuss with your physician and senior care professional.

Here are a few additional miscellaneous points around arthritis:

Sometimes heat or cold can help:

  • Heat helps with circulation; things like warm baths, jet tubs, heating pads (no more than 20 minutes at a time or as directed by a physician)
  • Cold slows circulation so is better for sharp pain; using ice packs (similar to heat with 20 minutes or as directed), cold water in a tub and put your hand or knee into the water

For some seniors, movement is difficult and they may be sitting or lying in the same position for an extended period of time. It is important for seniors, especially, to be changing positions. A senior care provider may be able to assist with this.

Arthritis doesn’t have a cure at this time, but these suggestions may offer some ways to possibly ease the painful effects of it.


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