The Flavors Of Home: Traditional Western Thanksgiving Dishes

seniorcareaustinnorth 20 Nov 2021

Often referred to as the best meal of the year, Thanksgiving dinner serves up a sweet and savory spectrum of tastes. Talk about the holiday with our Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers, and you’ll likely hear stories of family gatherings, friendly visits – and yes, glorious tablescapes of food!

So, we decided to dig into some of our favorite flavors of Turkey Day, specifically those nostalgic recipes so dear to us here in the West. Let’s get eating!

Fried Turkey

Deep frying a turkey takes some logistics versus simply popping a bird in the oven. However, the juicy results created by this cooking method are SOOO worth the effort! Here in the West, this method has other perks that go beyond flavor. Our warm November temperatures are the perfect setting for cooking outside, and less time in the kitchen means less cleanup.

So where did the idea originate to dunk our T-Day turkeys into hot oil? Well, there are places all over the map that take the credit, however, many culinary experts say Louisiana. Of course, locations like Texas quickly picked up the technique and made it a full-fledged tradition!

Gravy With A Kick

Most folks ladle on gravy as the quintessential holiday condiment. But in the West, we do it best by bolstering the topper with a non-traditional twist. Enter roasted poblano gravy! If you’re not familiar with this popular style, it often includes a nice dose of poblanos — which are a medium heat pepper found in the southwestern U.S. Whether you pour this gravy over mashed potatoes or soak it up with bread, it’s sure to add a punch to your Thanksgiving meal.

Family Makes Everything Taste Better

Traditions play a huge role in our holiday routines, and food enhances those special days. Regardless of what’s on the table at Thanksgiving, the main course is always better when shared with loved ones.

At Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care service, we value our care receivers and the moments they create with family during the holiday season. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope the day fulfills you with spectacular dishes, memories and companionship.

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