Ways to Thrive In Your Independent Lifestyle

seniorcareaustinnorth 20 Aug 2021

Just last month, we celebrated Independence Day. Like in years past, many gathered with friends and family, chatting amidst the wafting aroma of a backyard grill. We shared stories, laughed, reflected on moments in our lives, and cherished our freedom.

It’s something us seniors know well: The importance and empowerment of staying independent. For some, that means continuing to do the activities they love. For others, it comes down to simply remaining at home, enjoying the little things in a place dear to their hearts. And yet for our Seniors Helping Seniors® care recipients, it’s usually all of the above!

We understand this sentiment. For that reason, we’re always exploring new ways to help make the day-to-day easier and enjoyable. If you or a senior loved one lives alone, here are a few pointers for continuing to blossom your personal independence!

Create A Space that Suits Your Lifestyle

A few minor upfits to a home can make all the difference in comfort as we age. Aside from the oft recommended adjustments to ensure personal safety — like railings, no-slip flooring, easy-turn lever handles, removal of throw rugs, etc. — there also are aesthetic tweaks you can make to inspire relaxation. Consider an outdoor secret garden or meditative bench. Many designate tucked-away sections of their homes as reading corners or creative workspaces. Regardless of the use, it’s great to have your own, quiet retreat in which to settle after a long day.

Stay Active!

At Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services, we believe every day presents the opportunity to discover new life passions. For many of us, a hobby, club or ongoing project can inspire a whole new outlook. Find something that brightens your mood and make it a part of your weekly routine.

Embrace An Extra Set of Hands

You’ve worked hard and deserve to spend time pursuing the activities you love most. Lean on the help of a caregiver to run errands, cook, clean, etc. Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services can free you to focus on your true interests, and we’ll do so as a friend by your side.

Exercise Your Brain!

Puzzles, arts, projects, crafts, music, reading — they all help to sharpen the mind. Spend time every day challenging your brain. Not only does it help with focus, and in some cases memory, it stimulates positive thinking.

Know Your Support System

It’s so important that we surround ourselves with people we trust — not only for companionship, but also for dependability. Make sure you have some “go-to” folks who you can call on when needed, and who regularly will check in. This can be a friend, neighbor, family member or caregiver. The important thing is you have someone at the ready.

Keep A Routine

Wake up in the morning with goals. Have a schedule and approach it  with purpose. Doing so sparks motivation and a sense of fulfillment. In fact, studies show that those who stay busy and socialize often see direct benefits that include:

  • Improved cognitive function
  • A healthier immune system
  • Improved overall mood and outlook on life
  • Healthy sleep patterns

Living independently comes with so many wonderful advantages. Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services prides itself on helping others experience this freedom. With the right approach and support, seniors can discover empowerment with every new day.

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