3 Things We Learned From Our Clients

Joe Steckler, president of Helping Seniors of Brevard County,  often talks about the continuum of care in home care. As a “homemaker companion” company, we are at the beginning of that continuum. Because of our licensing, we are prohibited from doing any medical care. So why write an article on medical? Our clients come to us when they start needing some help. We walk alongside our clients on their aging journey, and we see a huge difference in those that take good care of themselves medically and those that do not.

What we have learned from our clients:

  1. Taking medications accurately and on time is incredibly important. Missing medications can be disastrous, cause hospitalizations, early entry into nursing care, or worse.
  2. Following up with doctors is equally important. Many issues, when dealt with promptly, are kept as minor inconveniences. Left unchecked, even a minor issue can develop into a major problem.
  3. Move.  We notice that the folks who retire and sit on the couch are invariably unhealthier than the ones that stay active and exercise.  Walk, go to the gym, por get in on the new craze that is pickleball.

Our clients who have kept social, exercise, take their medications regularly, and schedule routine visits are much healthier and happier than those that do not.

The Electronic Caregiver

This is one of the reasons we brought in the Electronic Caregiver to supplement our services. Most of our clients are still active and we want to keep them that way. Yes, it is an emergency alert, but it can also be so much more.  The Pro Health series is an easy-to-use health monitoring system that can include several devices: Pulse Oximeter, Glucometer, Non-Contact Thermometer, Blood Pressure Monitor, and Weight Scale. The information from these devices is transferred via Bluetooth to the doctor’s office, care manager, or family caregiver. Trends can be spotted, and medications adjusted, proactively.  It helps people stay out of the hospital and at home, where they want to be. Call us today: 321-722-2999

This article was featured in the Helping Seniors of Brevard Newsletter, conveniently  tucked inside the September edition of Senior Scene Magazine!

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