Guard Your Heart!

Love is in the air…

February is heart health month. We all know what we should do to be physically heart healthy.  How about our heart’s emotional and financial health?  There are lots of scams that target older adults, especially those that are vulnerable after the loss of a loved one.  With the advent of social media and online dating there is potential for social connection, but it also opens us to the potential scams and the emotional and financial toll scams cause.

Online dating?

There are many sites specifically for the 50+, 60+, “silver”, or senior crowd.  While these sites may help connect great people, it is important to go into dating with eyes wide open.  Here are a few things to consider:

Look into senior dating sites before signing up.  Ask friends or family about sites and choose one that fits you.  Do be honest about interests and pictures on your profile.  Do not give out personal information right away.  When agreeing to meet in person, consider a coffee shop or lunch date.  Let a friend or family member know where and when you will be.  Do not connect with folks who are too far away, do not have a profile picture, or get close with someone who will never agree to meet in person.  Never give out financial information.

Scams can be costly.

In 2018, romance scams cost Americans $143 Million per the Federal Trade Commission.  Think it can’t happen to you?  Think again.  Scammers aren’t just on dating sites, they prowl social media, and can pose as a well-meaning care giver.  It is important for seniors and their family to monitor accounts and spending.

Within the last few months our caregivers at Seniors Helping Seniors have spotted suspicious calls and were able to thwart scams targeting two different customers.  If you would like an extra set of eyes and helpful hands, please give us a call: 321-722-2999

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