HSOBC Radio – What are the different types of homecare?

Exploring the Different Types of Home Care.

Home Care Experts Jennifer Helin, Owner of Seniors Helping Seniors of Brevard, and Nancy Deardorff, Operations Directory for Helping Seniors, and with 33 years Registered Nurse experience as well as being manager for one of Brevard’s most well-noted Home Health Agencies, share things to know about the different types of Home Care available – and what Medicare can pay for what and when it does not. Learn from the experts along with Helping Seniors Executive Director Kerry Fink.

90.3 WEJF-FM
Radio: Airdate 04/27/22
Host: Kerry Fink (Helping Seniors of Brevard)
Guest: Jennifer Helin (Seniors Helping Seniors)
Co-Host: Nancy Deardorff (Helping Seniors)
Co-Host: John Harper (Helping Seniors)

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