Ladies! Let’s Make A Plan

Making A Plan

March is women’s history month, a time to celebrate achievement.  As a woman working in the senior industry, I also believe it is a good time to look at where we are as family caregivers and what we need to move forward in all areas of our lives.  Ladies, if you are not a family caregiver yet, statistically speaking, you will be.

Historically, the oldest daughter was typically in the role of family caregiver for one or both parents.  Today, more than 75% of all family caregivers are women.  Men are providing more care than ever before, but women still primarily fill that role of caregiver either as a spouse or a daughter.  While the average age of a family caregiver is 49, 34% of caregivers are aged 65+.

It’s OK to ask for help.

In other roles in our lives, we would not hesitate to ask for help.  In business we have mentors, take classes to better ourselves and careers.  We seek professionals for our health, various doctors, therapists, or nutritionists.  We utilize financial planners to guide us to retirement.  Why do we think we need to take this caregiving journey on our own?  Yes, we are caring for loved ones but not many of us have been privy to a family caregiver experience before.  Our families are too far apart.  We need to start reaching out to others for support and to learn from their journeys.  It is a good idea to consult professionals in the senior industry to know what to do, and when.  Also, you do not have to do everything by yourself.  Get help so that you can continue to take care of yourself, that way you will be healthy enough to take care of others.  Create a plan, gather a team, and celebrate yourself.  Ladies, you are amazing.

At Seniors Helping Seniors we are often the first step into home care.  We walk together with the family caregiver as a helper, guide, and support.  Give us a call, 3211-722-2999.

This article was featured in the March 2022 Helping Seniors of Brevard Newsletter, nestled conveniently inside Senior Scene Magazine!

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March 2022

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