Choosing the Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

Caregivers in LaVista NE: Choosing the Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

If you haven’t heard by now about the health benefits of walking for elderly people, it’s time to learn. Family caregivers and seniors will both want to lace up their walking shoes when they learn that walking strengthens muscles, promotes better balance, improves the quality of sleep, lowers the risk of mental decline and boosts the mood. When you and your elderly loved one get serious about incorporating regular walks into your weekly schedule, it’s important to choose the best walking shoes for them.

When it comes to seniors and walking, not just any shoes will do. Because seniors are less agile and prone to balance challenges, they need a good pair of walking shoes. Walking shoes are specifically designed to help people participate in extended walking exercises and provide just the right support. For seniors, walking in just any shoe can actually cause pain in the hips, knees, heels, lower back and feet. Walking shoes should provide maximum protection and total comfort so that seniors can enjoy walking and reap all the benefits.

If you are looking for a good walking shoe for an aging loved one, there are several different factors to consider. Of course, the fit is the most important and if you take your elderly loved one to the shoe store, the associate can help out. However, if you are getting shoes for them on your own, remember that the toes should be able to move within the toe box and the fit should be snug but not pinching or binding. Shoes that are the wrong size can create balance issues and make it even more difficult for seniors to walk.

Walking shoes should also be lightweight so that the exercise doesn’t tire out your aging loved one. Just because they are lightweight, however, doesn’t mean they won’t be durable. Look for waterproof material and a no-slip bottom of the shoe for maximum safety. Shoes that are uncomfortable, clunky and slippery boost the risk of a slip and fall accident for the elderly, and also make it less likely they will look forward to walking.

The last thing to check on when buying walking shoes for elderly loved ones is the support. Our feet take a lot of abuse, especially pressure points that bear all the weight. A good walking shoe should have plenty of cushioning inside and a molded foam sole that helps relieve pressure on those points. There are also cushioned inserts that you can purchase to provide additional padding for your elderly loved one. Shoes with poor support make it hard for them to keep their balance and retain their energy for longer walks.

Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that seniors have to stop exercising altogether. Family caregivers can help them unlock the keys to regular walking, and it all starts with finding the right shoes for the activity. With the right pair of walking shoes, elderly loved ones can get out and around in the neighborhood, boost their energy levels and improve their physical and mental health.


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