How to Pamper Your Elderly Loved One When Her Arthritis Is Acting Up

Elder Care in Elkhorn NE

Elder Care in Elkhorn NEHaving her arthritis act up is never a good situation for your elderly loved one. You may feel like there’s nothing that you can do, but you can try to pamper her until she’s feeling a little better.

Keep Easy Foods Ready

When your loved one is feeling more pain than usual from her arthritis, the last thing that she wants to do is to wrestle with cooking and cleaning up. Try keeping some homemade meals in disposable containers in the freezer just for these times. Make them easy to heat up and then let your loved one know that the container is disposable so she doesn’t have to worry about cleanup.

Help Her to Pace Herself

Sometimes your elderly loved one might be tempted to try to “push through” the pain or to just carry on. The problem is that your loved one doesn’t have to do that. Rest can help to alleviate some of the pain, so pushing through may only cause more pain. Help your loved one to slow down and pace herself when she first starts feeling a flare brewing.

Keep “Rainy Day” Activities on Hand

Rainy day activities don’t have to be just for rainy days. Keep a list of ideas on hand so that if your elderly loved one isn’t feeling so mobile, she doesn’t have to feel bored or as if she can’t do anything. You can put some of her favorite movies or music on, read aloud to each other, or do other relaxing activities that don’t require a lot of effort.

Stock up on Items that Help

If your loved one gets relief from heat or ice, for example, you might want to invest in small gel packs that you can keep in the freezer. Massage rollers can also help, especially if your loved one experiences muscle soreness in addition to joint pain. Look for items that help your loved one to feel better and make sure you keep them on hand and ready to go.

Encourage Exercise When She’s Feeling Good

When your loved one is feeling good, help her to develop an exercise plan with her doctor that can help her to minimize the likelihood of flares popping up. Your loved one’s doctor can help to figure out which types of exercise are best.

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