5 Halloween Ideas for Aging Parents to Enjoy

Just because someone is over age 65 doesn’t mean they enjoy fun holidays like Halloween any less. In fact, Halloween is the ideal time for the young and young at heart to have some time to be silly and a little bit scared. Family caregivers can include their aging parents in all their family celebrations that center around Halloween. There are lots of activities that seniors can participate in that bring them joy during the season.

Here are 5 Halloween ideas for caregivers to do with their aging parents:

1. Find Community Celebrations
Many community centers, senior canter, churches and even local businesses have Halloween celebrations where people can gather and socialize. Family caregivers should check out what’s coming up and make arrangements for their aging parents to attend. Because they are dependent on their adult children for transportation, seniors may be hesitant to ask about going to something like a Halloween party. However, the enjoyment they get from having fun should be enough to motivate any family caregiver to do so happily.

2. Help With Trick or Treaters
While aging parents will likely not be able to traipse around the neighborhood or get up and down repeatedly to answer the door, they can still help with trick or treaters. Family caregivers can set up a comfortable seat near the front door, such as on a porch. They can dress up as a witch, vampire, or other creature. In no time, the aging parent is transformed into a character that will delight children as they approach the house.

3. Throw a Family Halloween Party
Whether it’s with immediate or extended family, a Halloween party can be the perfect way to usher in the season. When an elderly parent can help plan the party and participate, it’s even better. Seniors can read a scary story or be the judge of the pumpkin carving contest. They can help plan the Halloween-themed menu and even participate in some of the games like charades, movie trivia and more.

4. Arrange a Classic Horror Movie Night
Once the popcorn is popped and everyone is settled down, it’s time to start the classic horror movie night. While they aren’t scary by today’s standards, there’s something wonderful and cheesy about the old horror flicks that people of all ages will enjoy.

5. Costume Contest
Many businesses or communities host costume contests with prizes and giveaways. It’s the perfect time to get creative and enter the whole family. Consider family costume themes, such as the Wizard of Oz, the Incredibles, the Flintstones, Addams Family, superheroes or other easy-to-identify groups and include elderly parents. Even if the family doesn’t win, they’ll have fun creating the costumes and competing together.

Elderly parents can be just as excited about Halloween as the rest of the family. That’s why it’s important for family members to include them in different activities and traditions.

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