Quick and Easy Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Mom’s Home

Do you associate spring with allergy season? In the winter months, allergies are also possible. With windows and doors sealed tightly and the furnace or boiler system running 24/7, dust and allergens quickly build up. Here are some quick, easy ways to reduce allergens and boost air quality.

Buy a Few House Plants

Houseplants feed on the carbon dioxide in the air and replace it with oxygen. They can also remove very small amounts of carbon monoxide from the air. Invest in some houseplants as a way to purify the indoor air naturally.

Some of the easiest plants to care for include the umbrella tree, spider plant, peace lily, and bamboo palm. When choosing houseplants, make sure you consider the safety. If your mom has pets or young grandkids, some plants can be toxic and should be avoided.

Clean Floor to Ceiling With Natural Products

Many store-bought cleaning agents contain chemicals that can impact the quality of the air in your mom’s home. Skip those and clean all floors, windows, furnishings, and walls with a natural cleaning product. Lemon oil is good for polishing furniture. A mixture of water and white vinegar is a good way to deodorize and remove germs. Lemon juice is good for removing messes from inside a microwave.

Invest in an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a good way to pull dust and allergens out of the air. With many models costing under $50, you don’t have to spend a lot. When shopping for one of these air purfication systems, factor in the life of a filter and cost to replace it.

Replace Carpeting With Wood or Laminate Floors

Carpets trap dirt, dust, and pet dander. Replace carpeting for easy-to-clean flooring like wood or even some of the wood laminates. Every few days, your mom or an elder care professional can run a dust mop like the Swiffer over them to pick up any particles that have settled on the floor. Each week, a more thorough mopping can be done with a mix of water and vinegar or wood floor cleaner.

When allergies are at their worst, make sure your mom has help around the house. She may not have the energy to keep up with laundry, housework, and meal preparation. Elder care services cover her needs.

With a caregiver on hand, your mom can help get chores done or let her caregiver take over. She has her freedom living at home, but she doesn’t have to struggle with activities of daily living. Call an elder care agency to discuss your mom’s needs.

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