Preparing for the Potential of a Cold Weather Power Outage

Elderly Care in Bellevue NE

Elderly Care in Bellevue WAIn your role as a family caregiver your responsibilities go beyond just making sure that your senior’s physical needs and challenges are met on an immediate basis. You must also prepare for the possibility of emergency needs and ensure that you take the proper steps to protect your aging loved one from potentially serious consequences. As the colder temperatures and more serious weather come closer, one of these risks is the possibility of a power outage. While power outages are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous any time of the year, when the weather is cold, they can be particularly threatening. Preparing your loved one and their home is essential to preventing potentially catastrophic consequences.

Use these tips to prepare for the potential of a cold weather power outage:

• Stock up on blankets. Remember if the power goes out when the weather is cold, the temperature inside the house is going to drop very quickly. Elderly adults are more vulnerable to cold than younger adults, which means it is critical that they are able to stay warm. Make sure that there are plenty of blankets easily accessible so that your senior can find them even in less light than usual.

• Have high-energy rations. Emergency food is always important during a weather disaster, but when the weather is cold, your parent needs extra calories because their body will need more energy to keep them warm. Look for food that does not need preparation but that is high in calories, such as emergency food bars, nuts, nut butters, and jerky.

• Do not use candles. It might be tempting to use candles as a source of light when the lights go out in the cold, but this increases the risk of fire. Instead, put flashlights and emergency lanterns throughout the home so that your parent can access them quickly and easily.

• Keep the wood stove ready. If your senior has a wood stove in the home, make sure that it has been inspected and serviced so that it is safe for use in the event of a power outage. Keep proper fuel accessible if your elderly loved one is able to use this stove safely. This will provide light as well as heat, and give them the opportunity to warm up certain foods, which can make the experience much more comfortable.

Starting elderly care for your aging parent is an exceptional way for you to feel more confident that they will be safe, comfortable, and healthy throughout their later years. This can give you peace of mind knowing that even as the temperature drops and the potential for serious weather increases, your senior is as safe as possible.


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