How to Detect a Stroke in an Elderly Parent

Elderly Care in Ralston NE

Elderly Care in Ralston NEStrokes usually occur with little to no warning before it happens. But if it does hit, this is one condition that could cause irreversible damage to your loved one’s ability to communicate with you and remember things that should be well-known to them. If a stroke is detected too late, there is a much smaller chance that the senior will survive than if it were detected early on.

Older adults who live alone will not have anyone to help them if they do suffer from a stroke. In fact, they may not get diagnoses from their doctor until it is too late since there was no one to take them to their doctor. Hiring an elderly care provider could change all that. This person will offer your loved one companionship, as well as assistance with tasks, both personal and around the home.

Here are some early signs to watch for in order to determine if your aging parent could be suffering from a stroke.

  • There is some numbness or pain in their arm, face, or leg. One side of the elder’s face may droop when they smile if they are having a stroke. In order to test them to see if they are suffering from a stroke, have the senior raise both arms above their head. If one begins to fall, they are most likely having a stroke.
  • Headache. A strong indication of a stroke would be if they suddenly have a severe headache, which is accompanied by vomiting or dizziness.
  • Problems with communication. Having a conversation with others may now be much more difficult than it used to. Not only will their speech become slurred, but they will also be unable to understand what others are saying.
  • Problems with balance. Walking may be especially difficult for someone having a stroke. They may begin to feel dizzy, unbalanced, or exhibit a lack of coordination.
  • Vision problems. The elder’s vision may now be altered, causing the eyesight in one or both eyes to become blackened or blurred.

When Immediate Medical Attention is Necessary

If you notice any of the following symptoms, make sure to get the senior to the doctor right away.

  • One side of the face droops when smiling
  • Have the elder raise both arms. If one begins to move downward, they may be having a stroke
  • Their speech becomes unusual or slurred when communicating

Call 911 immediately if you fear your loved one is having a stroke.


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