Gifts From The Heart: 4 Priceless Presents Your Grandchild Will Adore

shsgreateromaha 09 Dec 2022

Whether it makes the recipient laugh, cry, or jump for joy, nothing compares to the feeling of giving the perfect gift! Instead of opting for a present off your grandchild’s list this season, make them light up with a special memento.

Our Seniors Helping Seniors® team loves to help our clients in the Heartland find creative ways to share their most memorable moments and precious memories. Including a few special items under the tree is a great way to do this. And since you can find plenty of heartfelt gifts in your own home, that also means you won’t have to brave the elements or wade through a sea of last-minute shoppers – an added bonus!

If you already have the perfect present in mind, great! If not, read on for some Seniors Helping Seniors® inspiration.

1.   Prized Possessions

Gifting a special award, keepsake, or personal item is a wonderful way to give your grandchild a glimpse into your past and leave them with a token they’ll cherish for life. Pass down mementos from a military career, like medals of honor or a loved one’s burial flag. Or perhaps you have a few special trophies from your time as a college athlete, a book you’ve read time and again, or a meaningful piece of jewelry.

Your grandchild will love gifts of this nature because they provide a glimpse into your life before they knew you. It’s also a great opportunity to share a personal story about it, giving your loved one insight into why this present is so special to you.

2.   Cherished Photos

Do you have old photo albums in your home? Look through them with a Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver to find a few snapshots of meaningful periods in your life. Our caregivers love learning about our care receivers’ younger years, so be sure to share the story behind the photos as you go!

Here are a few ideas what to look for:

  • Photos of you and your grandchild from when they were younger
  • Shots that make you say, “What on Earth was I thinking with that hairdo / outfit?”
  • Pictures from past family trips or get togethers

There are no wrong answers here – you know best what will connect with your grandchild. Once you find the perfect picture, frame it or use multiple photos to create a collage and a nostalgic gift your grandchild will cherish!

3.   Family Heirlooms

The holiday season is a wonderful time to pass along family traditions, including heirlooms. Perhaps you were given a special keepsake by your grandmother, who also received it from her grandmother. Items like these are family treasures and are an excellent prompt to share stories and memories of relatives you’ve lost.

4.   Handmade Gifts

Do you have a special hobby, like woodworking, sewing, or painting that you can use to create a one-of-a-kind gift? Whatever you enjoy, your grandchild will adore a present made with them in mind. This is simply one more touching way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you!

At Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services, we know it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Putting together a thoughtful and heartwarming gift can help us slow down and remember the true meaning of the season. Try adding a few presents like those above under the tree this year – it’s a wonderful way to forge an even stronger connection with those you hold dear!

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