How to Help Move Your Elderly Loved One Properly

Home Care in LaVista NE

Home Care in LaVista NEAt some point, you may have to learn how to help your loved one move from one location to another. This can mean moving her from a bed to a wheelchair or into a tub or other location. Doing this without injury to either your or your loved one is essential.

Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctor about Transfer Procedures

Before you have to move your loved one, ask your loved one’s doctor to show you how to properly transfer your elderly loved one. He can show you tips about how to work with your elderly loved one’s weight and body to make the transfer easier on both of you. Pay particular attention to how you can use leverage to your advantage.

Let Your Loved One Know When You’re about to Move Her

When it’s time to move your loved one, let her know what you’re about to do. You can let her know that you’re moving her from her wheelchair, for example, to her bed and that you’ll be starting in just a moment. If you don’t have your loved one’s attention, gently touch her arm or make eye contact before you let her know what you’re about to do.

Make Sure You’re in Decent Condition to Help Transfer Your Loved One

If you’re not already committed to an exercise plan for yourself, this is the time for you to start one. Talk to your doctor to make sure that you’re physically able to exercise and then get serious about exercising. You’ll need all of your muscles to be in good condition so that you can easily help your loved one to transfer from one location to another.

Use Assistive Devices if You Need Them

Make use of assistive transfer devices when you need them. These kinds of items, such as transfer boards, hoists, or even ceiling-mounted handles that your loved one can grab, help you to move your elderly loved one with the minimum of resistance and effort on both your parts. Talk with your loved one’s doctor or physical therapist about different tools you can use to make the job easier.

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