Your Loved One’s Eyes Are Linked to Her Fall Risk, Believe it Or Not

When it comes to gauging how likely your parent is to take a fall, you may not realize how much can contribute to that event. One risk factor that surprises quite a few people is the impact vision has on fall risk.

If Your senior Can’t See an Obstacle, She Can’t Avoid It

What your aging parent can’t see is going to be unavoidable for her and that’s a big problem. Your parent might think this is a bit silly since of course she can avoid obstacles, but it’s not that simple. Not only are there smaller obstacles to worry about, but your loved one may not realize how much her depth perception is off. She may also have issues with her peripheral vision, which is another factor in helping her avoid obstacles.

A Comprehensive Eye Exam Is Crucial

The biggest way to combat these problems is with a comprehensive eye exam. Your elderly parent’s eye doctor may recommend examining her eyes once or twice a year to make sure that all of her eye conditions are well under control. If she hasn’t had a full eye exam in a while, it’s essential to make that appointment as soon as possible.

Your Parent’s Vision Can Change Rapidly

Another reason that your senior’s eye doctor might want to see her more often than annually is that her vision could change quickly depending on her health. Some conditions, such as diabetes, affect fluid levels and other areas in the eye and can cause damage. Being able to respond quickly to these issues can help you find a solution that works quickly after the situation develops.

Work on Her Environment, Too

Your senior’s environment can contribute to her trouble seeing well, too. If her lighting isn’t bright enough, that may be a weekend project for you to tackle. Other assistive devices, such as grab bars in convenient places, can also help. One critical move to make is to hire home care providers to make sure that your loved one has someone with her when you can’t be there.

As your senior’s vision becomes less of a problem, she might be surprised how much more confident she feels, even at home.

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