Dressing Aides Help Seniors Stay Independent

Did you know that elderly adults with chronic illness or injuries have a high risk of developing depression? At the very least, seniors that become dependent on others to help them with everyday tasks often feel frustration and embarrassment at their diminishing abilities to take care of themselves. Family caregivers and home care assistants usually step in to aid in those areas that challenge seniors, such as cooking, cleaning, bathing and dressing.

You can help your elderly loved one stay more independent and boost their self-esteem when you provide them with some dressing aides. Dressing aides are tools and devices that help seniors and disabled people manipulate their clothing so they can get dressed and undressed on their own. It’s worth considering dressing aides for an elderly relative to see if they can benefit.

What Kinds of Dressing Aides Are There?

There are a range of dressing aides available for elderly adults. These ingenious devices are designed to provide elderly people with help when their bodies can’t do the job. Most seniors have problems with bending, leaning and balancing. Dressing aides like dressing sticks, all-purpose grips, elongated shoe horns and sock aides give them the extra help they need to do it all on their own.

Choosing Dressing Aides for an Elderly Relative

With all types of dressing aides on the market, it may be hard to decide which ones an elderly relative might need. The best way to gauge this is to help your elderly relative get dressed a few times. Observe what movements they struggle with and what articles of clothing they need your help with.

For example, if they can put their clothes on but struggle with buttons and zippers, you can consider button hooks and zipper pulls. If they are unable to bend over and reach their feet, they would benefit from a sock aid. Identify the movements and articles of clothing they cannot handle on their own, then look for a dressing aid to meet that need.

Don’t Forget About Adaptive Clothing

When you are considering dressing aides, don’t overlook the fact that some clothing types are more suited to your elderly relative’s condition than others. For example, they may do well with a button up shirt but struggle with a sweater that goes over the head. Shoelaces may be a big challenge, but Velcro shoes are a snap.

Adaptive clothing is ideal for seniors that struggle. Adaptive clothing is especially designed for seniors and disabled adults. Some popular options include elastic waist pants, shoulder snap shirts, one hand belts and side snap underwear. Many companies offer stylish and comfortable adaptive clothing in stores and online.

By combining adaptive clothing with dressing aides, seniors of all abilities should be able to regain some of their lost independence. You can enable your elderly relative to dress themselves and only ask you for help when they really need it.


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