Helping Your Parent Through an Eye Doctor Visit

Senior Care in Bellevue NE

Senior Care in Bellevue NEA decline in vision is one of the most common issues that older adults experience. In fact, more than 6.5 million people over the age of 65 throughout the United States are suffering from severely diminished vision. Making sure that your senior goes to the eye doctor when they should is one of the most important things that you can do to help them to manage their vision, handle any challenges or diseases that are negatively impacting their vision, and protect it from further decline in the future.

Use these tips to help your parent through an eye doctor visit:

• Help them understand the importance. Especially if your aging loved one is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, they might not recognize the importance of going to the eye doctor or complying with the tasks of the appointment. Helping them to understand this can make them feel less out of control and anxious, and encourage them to be more compliant and cooperative throughout the appointment and after.

• Talk them through it. All too often doctors move through the steps of an appointment quickly without taking the time to explain them. This can be because they are hurried or because they feel that the patient should know what is going on. This, however, can make your parent feel overlooked and nervous. Talk them through each step of the appointment so that they know what to expect and why the doctor is doing each thing. This can help them to feel more secure and better informed.

• Ask questions. If you have any questions about your parent’s eye health or vision problems, do not hesitate to ask them. Your loved one might not have noticed the same effects that you have and it is important that you inform the doctor so that they can understand the full impact of any challenges and use this information to give them an accurate diagnosis. Asking questions also empowers you to give your parent the care that they need to handle these challenges successfully.

Starting senior care for your elderly loved one can make a tremendous difference in their life as they age in place. This is particularly true if they are dealing with challenges and limitations such as low vision. Through a highly personalized set of services, this senior home care services provider can give your aging parent the support, care, and assistance that they need to manage their individual challenges while also helping them to maintain their quality of life and the lifestyle that they desire. This care provider can also be instrumental in helping your loved one protect their vision as they age in place. Through personalized care and support this care provider can help your parent make better lifestyle choices that will help them to keep their eyes stronger and maintain more of their vision throughout their later years. A senior home care services provider can also be a valuable source of support to encourage your parent to get to their medical appointments and make the most of these appointments. They can accompany your loved one to the eye doctor, provide support and assistance throughout it, and then provide you with all of the information that they gathered to ensure that you can help them make the right decisions regarding their health.


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