Could Your Loved One’s Kitchen Be a Safer Room?

Senior Care in Gretna NE: Could Your Loved One's Kitchen Be a Safer Room?So much happens in the kitchen and, unfortunately, some of what goes on can be dangerous for your elderly loved one. Making that room safer for her can be easier than you think.

Address Fire Hazards

The kitchen has more than a few different fire hazards lying in wait. Some of the same problems you could see in other rooms, such as overloaded electrical outlets, can be a problem here. But there are others, such as open burners and gas leaks that can cause fires in your loved one’s kitchen. Check regularly for any potential issues that could cause a fire in your loved one’s kitchen.

Tackle Slip and Fall Hazards

Your loved one’s kitchen can also be more slippery than other rooms. This can be because of the nature of the room itself, due to spills, or because of damaged flooring. Take a good look at your loved one’s kitchen and determine anything that can contribute to her tripping, slipping, or falling. The more quickly you make those repairs, the better for everyone who spends time in your loved one’s kitchen.

Check Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers Regularly

Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are essential tools that keep your loved one safe in her kitchen. Check the batteries in your loved one’s smoke alarms regularly. A good rule of thumb can be to check them every time the time changes, but you can also do this quarterly. Make sure your loved one knows where her fire extinguisher is located and that she knows how to use it. Newer fire extinguishers don’t take a lot of strength to use, which can make them a better choice for your loved one.

Add Grab Bars to Give Your Loved One Somewhere to Hold On

Grab bars aren’t just for the bathroom. In fact, you can mount them just under a counter to give your loved one a secure spot to hold on or to catch her balance if she feels wobbly. Look for any open areas in the kitchen where you can install hand rails for your loved one.

If meal preparation and cooking are getting to be too much for your loved one, look at alternative options, such as hiring senior care providers to cook or setting up a way for family members to bring meals over.

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