Getting Seniors and Grandkids to Have Fun Together

Senior Care in Springfield NE: Getting Seniors and Grandkids to Have Fun Together
Senior Care in Springfield NE: Getting Seniors and Grandkids to Have Fun Together

When your parents are getting older and need more in-home care it can be difficult to get grandchildren and great-grandchildren to spend time with them. That’s because kids are usually so busy that there are often not many spare minutes to drop by. Some children might be bored at their older relative’s home or be expected to carry on a conversation with an adult they might not have much in common with. Other kids may be averse to visiting because they are always stuck doing chores for their grandparent.

You can be the bridge between the generations by having some activities and things in mind to bring seniors and younger relatives together.

Card Games

There are many card games that are appropriate for different ages. Older grandchildren might like classics such as Rummy, Hearts, Spoons and Crazy Eights. Younger kids can play with colorful cards specifically designed for games like Go Fish, Old Maid and Uno. Not only will seniors and younger relatives be entertained, they’ll enjoy the friendly competition that develops between them.

Video Games

While it may seem strange to bond with an aging relative over a video game, there are many different types of games that are colorful, fun and entertaining. Seniors can start with relatively easy games and work their way up to more challenging levels. Even if they don’t love playing the games, they will definitely love interacting with their grandkids in a whole new way.

Nature Walks

Taking a nature walk is a fine way to let seniors get some exercise and bond with their grandchildren. Occasionally, you can give the senior care assistant a break and take your aging loved one and their young relatives to a nearby park or forest trail. When everyone walks at the slowest person’s pace, they are more likely to see and hear interesting things along the way. Birdwatching, collecting interesting rocks or photography are hobbies that multiple generations can enjoy together outdoors.

Homework and Class Projects

Kids today have more homework than ever, and grandparents are an often overlooked resource. If your aging loved one is a retired schoolteacher or has an aptitude for a particular subject, they could be of great help to a struggling grandchild. Even if the grandparent can help with spelling words or listen to a science report, the connection between seniors and students will grow stronger. Having a senior care about their education can create a powerful bond between the generations.

Creative Cooking

If there is a younger relative that loves to spend time in the kitchen, they might appreciate learning from a grandparent that knows their way around. Whether it’s cherished family recipes or new experiments, cooking together is a fine way to enjoy each other’s company and create delicious snacks, desserts and meals.

Closeness between older and younger generations doesn’t always happen automatically. Sometimes children and teens need a common activity in order to bond with elderly relatives. You can facilitate the fun times by promoting some entertaining, healthy and interesting activities that open the gate to social interaction.


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