Virtual Mother’s Day Activities

shsgreateromaha 03 May 2021

Mother’s Day this year still might not look exactly like it usually does, but the feelings can be just as strong. For a second year in a row, we all have an opportunity to be creative and make holidays and family occasions more memorable during this time, and perhaps even more special, than they were in previous years.

“Remember that mothers will appreciate every gesture. They will appreciate a handwritten note, a phone call, the gestures of love—whatever it is,” Gottsman says. “It’s the effort.”

Here are a few ideas we have compiled.  Which will you try?

1.Take a flower arranging class together

No one appreciates a flower bouquet quite like your mom. This year, turn this classic Mother’s Day gift into a mother-daughter activity that she’ll cherish for years to come. Sign up for a virtual flower arranging class.  Some companies will even send you all the materials you need to put together a stunning bouquet.

2.Write an Actual Letter

If spending money is out of the question, and your family isn’t equipped with the tools needed to spend time together online, there’s still a way to show your gratitude and love if you’re not able to physically be with your mother on her special day.

Thomas Farley, an etiquette expert, speaker and author, recommends going old school and sending a handwritten letter.

“This kind of gift is worth its weight in gold,” Farley says. An actual letter will be much more meaningful than an email or a text.”

3.Plan a Mother’s Day car parade 

More and more, “car parades” have become a way for those who are unable to celebrate in a group setting to mark the occasion and show love and support. You can do the same for mom. Make signs and posters and ask mom to look outside at a designated time and go all out.

4.Create a nostalgic slideshow

There is no better time to remember the good times. Memories are a wonderful thing, and they can serve as a touching reminder of what matters most. Put together a slideshow collection of your favorite childhood photos and/or videos that your mom or mom figure is sure to appreciate. Add in some sentimental music, loving quotes, or voiceovers from other family members to make it even more personal. When your mother figure gets on the video conference call, share your screen and watch her face light up as she watches your truly personalized gift. Make sure your mom figure has tissues handy!

5.Play a Mother’s Day virtual trivia game

Who knows mom the best? Find out with a virtual trivia game dedicated to mom! Create an exciting Mother’s Day competition. Ask ‘What is mom’s favorite book?’, ‘Where is mom’s favorite place to vacation?’, ‘What is mom’s favorite childhood memory?’ and see who in your family truly knows mom the best. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, ask your mom to prep the questions so you can play, too.

Pro tip: Include real prizes that celebrate your mom. A future dinner date, weekend getaway, or spa day are all great options.

Sites/Apps like Poll Everywhere, Kahoot! and Schoology may be helpful resources.

6.Take an online cooking class

With a virtual cooking class, you can get the whole family to pitch in for her Mother’s Day brunch or dinner.  Sites like Craftsy have you covered with several options with classes as low as $10.

7.Deck out her front door

When you drop off her Mother’s Day card and gift, take some extra time to dress up her door with a spring wreath. That way, she’ll be surprised with a burst of cheer when she opens her door — and she can leave it up for the neighborhood to see all season long.

8.Write special messages on her driveway

Even if you can’t go inside to celebrate, there’s nothing holding you back from showering her with love (from a distance, of course). Ask your kids to lend a helping hand by using sidewalk chalk to draw rainbows, flowers, and write heartfelt messages to mom, grandma, or another woman worth celebrating. And then pray for no rain!!


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