4 Reasons a Job at SHS is Perfect for Seniors with Compassion

shschesterfieldcountyva 30 Jul 2021

Ahhh, retirement, where every day feels like a weekend. You’ve counted down to this day for as long as you can remember, and the living is easy. Having bid farewell to the regular work week with no kids living at home anymore, you’ve planned and saved. Each day stands as yours to fill and explore however you’d like. What do you do, however, when the “newness” of retirement wears off and you find yourself listless and (dare we say it?) bored? You want to find something to do that will make a difference in the world or in the life of another. Should you volunteer? Find a hobby? Perhaps a job at SHS could provide the perfect solution for you and for another senior who needs a helping hand.

What does SHS do?

SHS is more than a home health care agency. While we do provide care to seniors in their homes, we also help them retain their dignity and independence. Services include help at home, companionship, transportation to appointments, respite care, and more. We are not a nursing service, and we do not require experience in that area.

Not only do we provide these services for seniors that need them, our caregivers are seniors themselves. They have the unique perspective of shared experiences and going through the aging process along with those they serve. This fact alone sets us apart from many in-home care providers.

caregiver testimonial from someone with a job at SHS

Benefits of a Job at SHS

So what benefits can you find from a job at SHS? Listing all of them would make this post entirely too long, but let’s examine some of the main ones.

You’ll Make a Difference

Most of us want to do something that will matter and enrich others. A job at SHS allows you to do just that. Not only will you provide assistance for the senior, but you’ll give his or her family peace of mind, and we can’t overstate the importance of this. In many cases, a senior’s family lives out of town, too far away to attend to daily needs. What do they want more than anything? They want to know their loved one is safe and cared for. You can be the one to provide that assurance.

Read more from a family we helped to see the impact you could make.

You’ll Develop Relationships

At SHS, we don’t just randomly place caregivers and seniors together. We carefully match people that we know will get along together based on interests and shared experiences. Most of our caregivers keep in touch with clients after their time of caregiving has passed. In many cases, they become extended family and forge bonds with both the senior and his or her loved ones.

Here’s what one son had to say about his dad’s caregiver, Fred:

“Fred had become my father’s friend. Fred was reliable, trustworthy, kind, and compassionate. He had become an extended member of our family. He even came in those last days to visit with my father before his passing.”

You’ll Pay it Forward

One day, we will all reach the point where we need help. A job at SHS allows you to “pay it forward”, knowing that you may eventually need the same services. How will you want others to treat you when you get to that point? You’ll also have contacts and connections that can help you when you or a loved one find yourselves needing our services.

You’ll Supplement Income

In addition to the benefits listed above, you’ll get paid for doing all these things. Our caregivers are not volunteers, so you’ll have the chance to supplement your retirement income while making a difference, forging relationships, and paying it forward! Everybody wins with a job at SHS.

Interested in a Job at SHS?

If you or someone you know has retired (age 50 and above) and would enjoy working for SHS, please reach out to us. You can fill out the form at this link, or call us at 804-921-4280. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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