Roberta’s Story

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WASHINGTON DC, USA - SEP 24, 2015: Korean War Veterans Memorial, West Potomac Park, Washington, D.C. Korean was from 1950 til 1953.
Korean War Veterans Memorial

Relationships are at the core of everything we do here at Seniors Helping Seniors. Here’s a story from Roberta, a family member of a gentleman we helped. In her own words:

Roberta’s Dad

My father, Bob, had lived in Chesterfield County most of his adult life, and my husband and I moved to Chesterfield after living in the Northern Virginia area for 38 years. My father had lost his second wife and was having health issues – prostate cancer and dementia.

When we had to ask my father not to drive anymore is when we started looking for outside support so he could remain in his home for as long as possible. A hospice coordinator recommended Seniors Helping Seniors. Our need was to have a man take my father to breakfast two or three days a week to get him out of the house.

Seniors Helping Seniors’ Role

Lurene Reck met with us and went over our needs. She partnered my father with a gentleman named Fred. He was so wonderful! He had read my father’s history and boned up on the Korean War. My father had been in Korea as an officer and enjoyed sharing his stories.

As Fred got to know my father’s interests, he took him out on extended outings when they were done with breakfast. They would hit golf balls, walk around in a park, go to the library, or walk at the mall. The time came with my father had to go into assisted living. We asked Fred to continue his outings with my father. He agreed and came to the assisted living facility to pick my father up.

Extended Family

Fred had beome my father’s friend. Fred was reliable, trustworthy, kind, and compassionate. He had become an extended member of our family. He even came in those last days to visit with my father before his passing.

I highly recommend Seniors Helping Seniors and have referred other families to them. Caregivers need others to help and step in to fill in the gaps. Fred was a blessing from God for our family.

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