Spring Cleaning Tips For A Fresh & Safe Home

shsmanateesarasota 07 Mar 2023

The start of spring represents new beginnings and a season of rebirth. Just as the outside world
takes this season to start fresh, seniors in the Southeast can use it to reset their homes with a
good spring cleaning.

We at Seniors Helping Seniors® inhome care services are wellversed in the benefits our
clients realize in keeping a tidy home. It aids in independence and promotes feelings of
confidence and mental clarity, for instance. As we move into the spring season with a renewed
burst of energy, we’re sharing four tips to help you or your senior loved one tackle spring
cleaning like a pro!

1. Plan An Approach
As invigorating as spring cleaning can be, it can also be overwhelming without a clear plan of
attack. Think about, or discuss with your loved one, what areas of the home need the most
attention and how much can realistically be accomplished in one day.

Next, create a checklist of springcleaning tasks. To keep things manageable, break larger jobs,
like deep cleaning the kitchen or clearing out the garage, into smaller tasks that can be finished
within a few hours.

Seniors Helping Seniors® inhome care services recommends our clients dedicate a few days a
week to checking off the items on their list. When cleaning, go slow and listen to your body or, if
working alongside a senior family member, encourage them to take breaks often. If tasks
become too strenuous, simply take time to rest and commit to tackling these chores at a later

2. First, De-clutter. Then, Clean.
Did you know, de-cluttering boosts mood, reduces anxiety, and improves one’s ability to focus?
While those are all excellent reasons to clear the clutter, doing so is also important in protecting
seniors against trips and falls in the home. Not to mention, cleaning will be easier with fewer
items to work around.

Purging can be tough, but it also results in feelings of empowerment and accomplishment.
Focus on the following priorities to get started:

Clear tripping hazards from hallways, stairwells, and walking paths.

Start with smaller areas, like a pantry or even a drawer, removing the easiest things first.

Organize along the way, rearranging so that frequently used items are easily accessible.

Letting go of what’s no longer serving a purpose is especially important for seniors because it
promotes safety and makes continuing to live independently more feasible. With less clutter and

commonly used items within easy reach, our clients are able to navigate the home confidently
and face less risk of injury. Designating an assigned spot for daily necessities like medications,
glasses, and keys also means less time spent searching for these items and more time living life
to the fullest!

3. Give Safety Features A OnceOver
Are the home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors working? Are flashlight batteries
charged in case of emergency? Are vents clear of dust? Do air filters need to be changed?

Though these aren’t all “cleaning” activities, regularly checking safety features throughout the
home is important and spring cleaning provides the perfect reminder. Ensuring items like these
are in working order will offer peace of mind to you and your special senior all season long.

4. Ask For Help!
Spring cleaning is a significant task no matter how committed one is to daily and weekly
housework throughout the year. Let one of our caregivers assist!

As mentioned, Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers know the value those we serve discover in
a clean and tidy home from improved safety and security to better immune health, a lighter
mental load, and easier access to everyday essentials. They’ll be beside you or your senior
loved one every step of the way to provide encouragement, an extra set of hands, and
conversation to keep things interesting! Like getting a little help from your friends®.

Ready to get started? Gather the cleaning supplies, cue up a few favorite tunes, and step into
spring with a clear head and refreshed home!

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