5 Fall Prevention Tips to Keep Seniors Standing Steady All Autumn

shsminneapoliswest 06 Sep 2023

September marks Fall Prevention Month — a time dedicated to raising awareness about the risks of losing balance. Slips often lead to serious injuries, resulting in hospitalizations and a loss of confidence. Seniors can avoid these accidents by making thoughtful changes in their daily habits. As autumn approaches, the Seniors Helping Seniors® team wants to help you and your senior loved one prioritize safety. Here are five easy fall prevention tips that seniors can incorporate into their routines to stay safe, secure, and stable.

Stay Active

Our muscles naturally weaken as we age, and our sense of balance becomes less reliable. Engaging in regular physical activity helps counteract these age-related changes. Strong muscles provide better support to joints and bones, reducing the risk of stumbling or falling.

Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services recommends light exercises like walking, yoga, and swimming to improve range of motion. Try taking a stroll around the neighborhood as the leaves change colors for a fun way to get moving this fall.

Modify The Home

The transition from summer to fall usually brings wet leaves, fog, and unpredictable weather to the Heartland, which can cause mobility challenges. Adapting your or your family member’s living space to these seasonal shifts mitigates risk and safeguards against potential falls.

Simple changes include removing clutter from walkways, securing rugs with non-slip mats, and installing handrails along staircases. These quick adjustments reinforce the home and allow seniors to move with confidence, no matter the weather conditions outside.

Hydrate And Eat a Proper Diet

Autumn’s arrival may relieve summer heat, but cooler temperatures can mask the body’s thirst signals, leading many seniors to forget to drink enough water. Prolonged dehydration leads to fatigue, dizziness, and reduced cognitive function, contributing to an increased risk of falls. Remember to replenish fluids often!

Additionally, incorporate vitamin-rich foods into a balanced diet to fuel the body all season. Stock up on fall fruits and veggies by heading to the local farmer’s market!

Wear Proper Footwear

As leaves fall and surfaces become slick, wearing appropriate footwear becomes essential. Shoes with good arch support, sturdy soles, and a secure fit offer stability and reduce the chance of slipping on wet leaves or uneven paths. Proper footwear helps you or your loved one confidently navigate seasonal challenges and enjoy the Heartland outdoors.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Seniors face increased balance issues in autumn due to wet leaves, cooler temperatures, and decreased visibility. Through routine healthcare visits, seniors can receive fall risk assessments and address emerging health concerns. These check-ups provide an opportunity to fine-tune medications, evaluate vision and hearing, and receive personalized guidance on safely navigating seasonal changes.

Need help getting to appointments? A Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver can provide a ride and help avoid seasonal hazards.

Fall prevention for seniors requires a combination of practical measures and personal commitment. Strategies like staying active, modifying surroundings, wearing appropriate footwear, focusing on nutrition, and attending regular health assessments lay the groundwork for a safer and more secure lifestyle. Having a dedicated Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver provides additional balance support, particularly as autumn arrives with its distinct challenges. With a helpful friend in tow, seniors can easily adopt these practices and prevent falls while living life to the fullest all season long!

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