Nurturing the Soul: The Vitality of Mental Health for Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors® 12 Dec 2023

If you or a senior in your life are displaying symptoms of a mental health disorder, please seek support from your healthcare provider or a qualified therapist/counselor.

Our golden years are a time of change–we’re moving into a new phase of life, seeing the world in new ways, and forging new connections with those around us. These are years powered by great potential and endless opportunities; we can start new hobbies, explore existing interests, make new friends, and focus on new challenges and adventures. However, this part of our lives announces an additional matter of concern–how do we carry on nurturing our souls as we age? Seniors have mental health concerns as well, and maintaining the vitality of mental health for seniors is both a challenge and an opportunity. Let us talk about mental health for seniors, how to nurture it, and a few things to watch out for.

While seniors possess unique needs–and we’ll discuss those here in a bit– they are fundamentally just like folks of all ages. Seniors need a chance to grow, exercise their minds and bodies, and connect with other people. With those considerations in mind, the vitality of mental health for seniors can be improved and maintained by engaging in a few simple steps:

  • Spending time with others is a big part of everyone’s mental health, and seniors are often prone to isolation and loneliness. Ensuring that the seniors in our lives get to have social time with others, genuine connections and real friendships, and the opportunity to get out and enjoy the world is a critical step in keeping them mentally healthy and vibrant.
  • Engaging their minds is another fantastic way to improve mental health and quality of life for a senior. It can be as simple as playing a game, reading a book, or taking on a challenge like a new hobby. Going for a walk in the park can be wonderfully stimulating–the possibilities are endless. Ensuring that seniors have mental stimulation and ways to spend their time is a big step in keeping them healthy and happy.
  • Speaking of health – physical activity is crucial to maintaining both physical and mental health. Both mind and body need exercise and stimulation, so building physical activity as part of the daily routine is a good idea for any senior. A simple exercise routine and a short walk can do wonders–the activity can be tailored to the individual’s ability level and interests. For bonus points, engage in activities that combine physical and mental stimulation–gardening, sports, or just a walking club might be just the thing!
  • Maintaining good habits and a good diet promotes mental and physical vitality, keeping seniors as healthy and engaged as possible. Eating healthy meals, avoiding or limiting alcohol and tobacco use, and maintaining good hygiene and a clean home is great for all aspects of our well-being, mental health included.

You may have noticed that in most of these steps, company and companionship play a role. Most things are more enjoyable when done with others, and for seniors the rewards are double. Plus, many seniors may need a little help occasionally with basic tasks or household chores. That’s where Seniors Helping Seniors Nevada comes in–we connect seniors who need help or companionship with volunteers their age who can relate to their experiences. If you or a senior in your life need a little assistance or companionship or are looking for a volunteer opportunity, get in touch with us today.

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