Answers to Your Senior’s Pressing Questions About Senior Care Services

Senior care helps seniors remain independent while aging at home. Despite this, some people are confused by what senior care offers or entails. Here are the answers to your pressing questions.

What Can Senior Care Aides Do, and What Can’t They Do?

Make sure you understand the things that senior care aides can and cannot do. A caregiver can cook meals for your parents, but the caregiver is not there to cook for visitors. The caregiver is also not going to do your dishes when you stop by.

A senior care aide can remind your parents to take their prescription medications. They cannot administer them. If your dad needs insulin injections, he has to self-administer the insulin, or you could hire a home health care nurse to help him.

Senior Care in Smithfield NC
Senior Care in Smithfield NC

Doesn’t a Caregiver Take Away Your Independence?

Many older adults worry that caregivers strip them of their independence. Caregivers are only there to help as much as your parents need. For the daily activities of living that your mom and dad still do on their own, the caregiver isn’t going to stop them from doing it.

Senior care services are designed to help you age at home without fear or difficulty. It’s about helping your parents stay independent without having to move from their home.

Do You Get Any Say in the Selection Process?

The selection process varies from one agency to another based on staffing levels, but many senior care agencies want you involved in the selection. You’ll go through a home visit to learn more about the services that match your mom’s and dad’s needs. At that time, your parents’ personalities and needs are matched to caregivers that are a good fit.

Ask if you can interview the different caregivers with your parents. That helps you narrow the options. Remember that you can request another caregiver if you don’t feel the current one is a good fit for your parents’ personalities.

What Happens if There’s an Emergency?

You can’t stop an emergency from happening. If your parents’ caregiver is sick and can’t come, the agency will dispatch a replacement to help out until the original senior care aide is well.

Do you have other questions regarding senior care? Have you asked your parents and other family caregivers what they’d like to ask? Jot down a list and speak to an expert. You’ll learn everything you need to know about senior care, including prices and options.

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