Four Questions to Ask Your Siblings Before Calling Home Care

Homecare in Rolesville NC: Four Questions to Ask Your Siblings Before Calling Home CareYou feel it’s time for your parents to have home care services. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s an important one. Before you make the call to arrange caregiver visits, hold a family meeting. There are four things that are important to discuss.

How Does Everyone Feel About It?

Admitting parents are getting older and need help can be alarming. Siblings who live farther away and only see your parents once a year may be shocked. Make sure there’s a forum where everyone can share their concerns and feelings. If you address concerns as early as possible, it’s going to help you avoid arguments when home care services begin.

Can or Does Anyone Want to Help With Care?

Your siblings may want to offer some help with your parents’ care. Find out if anyone does and what they want to do. See how often they’re available and interested in helping. They may not want to help more than one day a week, and that’s fine. Others may be too busy with work or family requirements and feel guilty. Make sure they know it’s okay. No one should feel guilty.

What Does the Budget Look Like?

Make sure the budget for home care is apparent from the start. Family arguments over money have happened and are preventable. Research the cost of home care with different agencies and private caregivers and share this information with your siblings.

While they may think a private caregiver sounds better because it often has a lower hourly rate, make sure they’re aware you’d be responsible for employment taxes, extra insurance, and other factors that drive up that price. Plus, if the caregiver doesn’t show up due to illness or car issues, you’re forced to take a day off to be with your parents. With an agency, taxes, insurance, and last-minute cancellations aren’t your problem.

What Do Others See Your Parents Struggling With at Home?

Your brother may have noticed that your dad has been hiding overdue bills in drawers. You had no idea. Your sister found a note from your mom’s neighbor that she’s forgetting her dog is outside all night. You all believed the dog was getting the same level of care as he always did. It’s concerning.

Jot down a list of everything you’ve noticed. Those are the items where home care services are needed. Your dad needs help with finances. Your mom’s forgetfulness may be an indicator that she’s in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. You don’t know until you take her to the doctor. If it is Alzheimer’s, her care needs will continue to change.

Once you have that list, call a home care agency. Discuss the services your parents need now and what they cost.


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