How In-Home Care Can Help Seniors with Dementia

During the early stages of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, elderly people often prefer to be in the coziness of their own home. As difficulties increase over time, professional support services like home care should be considered to minimize the challenges associated with caring for someone with dementia. With increased awareness of the unique hurdles for dementia patients, in-home care services provide trained and experienced professionals for dementia care. In-home care services not only help the patient but also provide a level of comfort to the family members as well.

Is it Better for a Senior With Dementia to Remain at Home?

In-home care provides a major contribution, allowing seniors to be in a familiar and comfortable space for the longest period possible. It is no secret that someone with dementia can function well in their home rather than be in an assisted living facility or nursing home where they may find it difficult to cope in an unfamiliar atmosphere. A known environment provides a crucial feeling of security and peace of mind. Treating a senior with dementia at their own home is a natural starting point for dementia care.

Set Routines Play a Key Factor in Aiding Seniors With Dementia

In-Home Care in Raleigh NC
In-Home Care in Raleigh NC

Just like familiar surroundings, an everyday routine also gives a feeling of comfort for elderly patients. A list of tasks to do throughout the day can reduce the stress level and confusion for the seniors and give them a feeling of security. Even a basic in-home care plan will provide these daily routines according to the senior’s needs. In-home care professionals are very well trained to facilitate day-to-day regular activities with ease. This habitual repetitiveness preserves the sense of control in elderly patients in case of dementia.

Professional Customization

Professional customization is another benefit of home care services. An assessment is critically important to help the senior and the family determine what kind of care to get. These kinds of services can be as simple as help with eating, to more complicated tasks such as bathing. This customization and ability to increase care over time is a major advantage when dealing with a progressive disease like dementia.

Conclusion: How In-Home Care Can Help Seniors with Dementia

Research shows that the number of people affected by dementia will double in the next 25 years. In-home care services enable family members and loved ones to more easily be with seniors and spend more quality time with them. Call us today and see how in-home care can help your senior get the help they need!


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