Is Your Elderly Loved One Not Getting Enough Vitamins?

In general, if someone is not able to meet their nutrient needs, this can cause vitamin deficiencies and that can lead to health issues. As a family caregiver, it is a good idea to learn about these health issues. Then, you can discuss them with your elderly loved one. You can let them know how important it is to get the vitamins they need on a daily basis.

Immune System Disorders and Central Nervous System Disorders

If your elderly loved one doesn’t get the right vitamins, they are more likely to experience immune system issues. This can make your elderly loved one have a higher risk of getting an infection or virus. This might not seem like that big of a deal to some people. However, for the elderly, an infection or virus can lead to severe health issues.

Homecare in Smithfield NC
Homecare in Smithfield NC

Your elderly loved one is more susceptible to central nervous system issues if they don’t get enough vitamin B12, B6, or B2. They also need enough vitamin C and folate to fight off these issues. Without these vitamins, the neurotransmitters can’t relay messages properly from the brain to the rest of the body. This can cause all sorts of issues with body functions.

If needed, you or a homecare provider can remind your elderly loved one to get enough of the vitamins needed to maintain their immune system and central nervous system functions.

Degenerative Diseases

Research shows that vitamin E is very important for humans. If someone doesn’t get enough of this vitamin, there are many degenerative diseases that can occur. Degenerative conditions can cause issues with muscular, skeletal, and other systems in the body. If your elderly loved one is worried about getting a degenerative disease, you and their homecare providers can make sure they are getting enough vitamin E every day to help prevent these issues.

Cognitive Disorders

Energy production has a lot to do with how the brain works. The brain can’t work well without many micronutrients including vitamin C, B12, B6, and B2. Each one of these vitamins is essential in brain functioning. If your elderly loved one has deficiencies in any of these vitamins, it could leave to cognitive declines, possibly even Alzheimer’s disease. This is why it is so important to make sure your elderly loved one is getting these vitamins daily.


If your elderly loved one isn’t getting the daily recommended vitamins, they need to do something about that. You or a homecare provider can help them set up a meal plan that meets these nutritional needs. You can also talk to their doctor about getting them nutritional supplements, if needed.


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