Is Your Senior Having More Trouble Seeing?

Every October is Blindness Awareness Month. It’s an important reminder that your senior’s vision can be a crucial piece of her plan to continue to live her life on her own terms. Here’s what you and your senior should talk about regarding her vision.

When Did She Last Have an Eye Exam?

Do you know when your senior last had her eyes examined by her eye doctor? It’s really important to keep up with regular eye exams, especially if your elderly family member has a history of vision trouble. If she hasn’t had her eyes examined in longer than a year, it’s definitely time for your senior to make an appointment with her eye doctor.

Signs Your Senior Is Having Trouble Seeing

Personal Care at Home in Smithfield NC
Personal Care at Home in Smithfield NC

Very often when someone is having more difficulty with their vision, the symptoms are subtle, even for them. Some of the signs your elderly family member may be having trouble with her vision could include:

  • Trouble gauging distance
  • Difficulty seeing differences in colors
  • Light sensitivity or trouble seeing at night
  • Trouble with peripheral vision
  • Falling or coming close to falling
  • Difficulty seeing road signs or driving at all

If your elderly family member is constantly talking about how dark it seems in her home, this can be another sign that she’s having trouble seeing. That specific issue, called low vision, can’t be cured but it may be manageable.

Find out What You Can Do

Some of the vision problems your senior is experiencing may have a fix. For instance, if she’s developed cataracts, surgery may be able to help her. Other vision issues aren’t curable, but they may be partially correctable with medication or with eyewear that assists your senior with her ability to see. Talk to your senior’s eye doctor and to her primary care doctor about the possibilities.

Get Your Senior Some Additional Help

As your senior’s vision worsens, it’s more important than ever that she has the assistance that she needs. Personal care at home can make sure that your elderly family member has help with tasks like cooking and even with transportation. If your elderly family member is open to having help from home care providers, that can make her vision issues easier for her to work around and to adapt to. Personal care at home can ensure that your elderly family member isn’t missing out on anything at all.

Keeping your senior as safe and as happy as possible can go a long way toward helping her to make the most of any situation, even if that situation is one in which her vision is consistently worsening.

If you or an aging loved one is considering personal care at home in Smithfield, NC, please contact the caring staff at Seniors Helping Seniors today. Call (919) 761-5346.

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