Rolesville Seniors Pot Luck Lunch

Seniors Helping Seniors of North & East Raleigh helped sponsor the Rolesville senior residents pot luck at the Rolesville Community Center on February 13. Heather White, Recreation Program Coordinator for the Town of Rolesville, organized the event as one of a series of community events geared towards seniors that include Bingo sponsored by the Raleigh Northeast Target and Board Game Mondays, and a trip to the Azalea Festival in Wilmington in April. Over 30 Rolesville residents were joined by Mayor Frank Eagles and Rolesville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rachel Morris to enjoy a delicious pot luck lunch, Bingo and fellowship. Seniors Helping Seniors is proud to partner with the town of Rolesville to support these social opportunities for our senior residents. For more information on Rolesville senior events email Heather at If you or your loved one would like to participate but need a hand getting around, Seniors Helping Seniors can help.

L-R: Seniors Helping Seniors Kathy Uveges, Rolesville Recreation Program Coordinator Heather White, Pamela Eagles, and Mayor Frank Eagles at the Rolesville Senior Potluck

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