Seniors Helping Seniors sponsors Teepa Snow Conference

Seniors Helping Seniors of North & East Raleigh was proud to partner with our other Seniors Helping Seniors colleagues across the state to sponsor the appearance of Teepa Snow at the “Let’s Get Practical: A Positive Approach to Real Life Dementia Care” in Burlington North Carolina on February 28th.

Teepa Snow is a renowned trainer and consultant providing support and care to determine the needs of people suffering with dementia. Her goal is to help communities, organizations and families develop the awareness, knowledge and skills to support and care for someone with dementia. Her unique approach to dementia care is changing how many view conditions and how care is delivered throughout the US. She is changing people’s views on the disease and we were fortunate enough to work with her.

She travels the US spreading awareness and education. She came to Burlington and spoke about practical tips and caregiver skill-building for each stage of the dementia progression using the GEMS states. Her focus was on helping caregivers improve their “helping skills” and also be able to recognize who really needs to be changing and how to do so. She has a great influence on the senior community and is a great asset to our company. We have learned a lot from her and can now use this knowledge to help others, better our care and inform families in need.

If you or a loved one are dealing with Dementia or just need a helping hand, please call 919-761-5346 or go to

Kathy Uveges (Raleigh) and Deb Frisbee (Guilford County)



Lynn Musolf (Charlotte), Kathy Uveges (Raleigh), Teepa Snow, Deb Frisbee (Guilford County)

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