Six Services You Never Realized Elder Care Aides Offer

What do you know about elder care? Have you ever talked about it during a family gathering? Your parents are getting older and find some daily tasks to be harder to complete without help. It’s important that you sit down and discuss the different services available from caregivers.

Some people do not realize everything that elder care aides can do to help out. Here are six services that families often don’t realize can be part of a care plan.

#1 – Assistance With Pet Care

If your mom or dad are having a harder time remembering to feed the family pet, caregivers can help with reminders. Caregivers can get the dog ready for a walk, join your parents on that walk, and help scheduling grooming and veterinary appointments.

#2 – Exercise

Elder Care in Wake Forest NC

Your parents need 30 minutes of exercise each day, but they often fall short. Caregivers can encourage them to walk all the way around the block, complete a chair workout, or practice yoga poses. Many caregivers will join in and do the exercises with your parents.

#3 – Recreational Outings/Field Trips

Kids aren’t the only ones to enjoy field trips to museums, aquariums, and other major attractions. Caregivers can take your mom and dad on recreational outings. Their caregiver can drive them to the botanical gardens to explore the different flowers, trees, and water features. They could go to the area art museum together.

#4 – Respite Care

There’s an aspect of elder care that you may be overlooking. If you’re providing your parents’ care, you may not be taking any breaks. You’re too busy helping them out each day.

Respite care is important as it gives you a chance to take a day off. You do whatever you need to do while caregivers help your parents. Go away for a long weekend, recover from the flu, or take a day off to run errands knowing caregivers are with your parents.

#5 – Shopping

Whether your parents want to go shopping and need someone with them or they want someone to shop for them, caregivers can help out. Caregivers can pick up online orders, go shopping with your parents’ list, or help your parents shop online and arrange a home delivery.

#6 – Transportation

If your parents can no longer drive, caregivers can take over. Caregivers can drive your parents to and from their doctor’s appointments, dental check-ups, and social events. They can bring your parents to stores, restaurants, and area attractions. They can also just take your parents for a scenic drive.

Are you ready to help your parents schedule elder care services? Be aware that services can vary from one town to the next, but most offer these or similar. Make a call, talk about their lives, and schedule the elder care services that help them remain independent.

If you or an aging loved one is considering elder care in Wake Forest, NC, please contact the caring staff at Seniors Helping Seniors today. Call (919) 761-5346.

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