Take Action on World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day began on Feb 4, 2000, at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium in Paris. Its mission believes that access to life-saving cancer diagnosis, treatment and care should be equal for everyone, regardless of where a person lives, what their income is or what their ethnicity or gender is. Another key belief of World Cancer Day is the belief that governments should play a key part in making diagnosis and treatments equitable for all. Finally, World Cancer Day celebrates the individuals of the world coming together to create change.

If your parent would like to support World Cancer Day, there are several ways she can take action and support World Cancer Day.

Make a donation.

Most non-profits rely on the financial gifts of their supporters to fund their mission. From just a couple dollars to more if she feels led, your parent can support this endeavor to provide equal cancer care to everyone everywhere.

Show her colors.

The official colors of World Cancer Day are blue and orange. Even something as simple as wearing some blue and orange clothes on Feb 4 is a good way to support the cause.

Post about it on social media.

If your parent is a social media user, she can take a minute and share a post from the World Cancer Day Facebook page or make it more personal and share about her own story regarding cancer that either she has faced or someone she has loved has faced.

Talk about it.

In many parts of the world, talking about cancer is taboo. Even here in the United States, we can often struggle with what to say or how to say it. If your parent knows someone battling cancer or knows someone supporting someone battling cancer, encourage her to reach out to that person. If she’s not comfortable having a conversation, perhaps she could write a supportive note or letter. Your senior care provider can help her deliver it.

Join a cancer support event.

Your parent may not be able to attend an event in person, but many events are solely virtual now anyway. Have your senior care provider help your parent find online events at a local cancer center or care unit that she can watch and learn more about World Cancer Day. Or she can visit for ideas as well.

Advocate for action.

If your parent has always enjoyed participating in advocacy, she might want to write to her local political parties encouraging them to make sure your state has equal cancer care availability to everyone in your state – regardless of income, location, gender or ethnicity. If writing is her thing, she could also consider writing a letter to the editor to post in a local newspaper or online.

Whatever your parent decides to do to support World Cancer Day, she might love some company while she’s doing it. Consider this an opportunity for your family to support your parent’s passion to provide equal cancer treatments to those around the world with the hopes of eliminating this disease completely some day in the future.



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