Who Checks on Your Mom Before and After a Storm?

Whether a thunderstorm passes through your mom’s neighborhood, a hurricane is expected, or a blizzard is predicted to hit, who checks on her? Someone needs to both before and after the storm? She shouldn’t be alone, but it may not be possible to get to her in time. In that case, someone needs to stop by after and make sure she’s doing okay.

Things to Check Before a Storm

If you live close by, check on your mom’s supplies a day or two before a storm is due to hit. Does she have enough bottled water? To flush her toilets, she may need some jugs of water in one of her bathrooms.

Losing power isn’t fun, but your mom needs to be prepared for a power outage. She needs to have working flashlights and plenty of batteries. She needs to charge her cellphone fully, and it doesn’t hurt to have a fully charged power pack. She should also have some candles and a lighter or matches.

Stock up foods that don’t have to be cooked. Canned vegetables, canned pasta, canned tuna and chicken, and non-perishable foods are helpful in a power outage. Shelf-stable milk and boxed cereals are also beneficial.

If there are orders for her to evacuate due to a flood risk, someone needs to help her pack and go to a friend’s house, a family member’s house, or a shelter before the storm hits. When it’s safe to return home, she’ll need someone to take her back home, too.

Stop By After the Storm

Elder Care in Smithfield NC
Elder Care in Smithfield NC

After the storm, someone needs to stop by to see if your mom’s house is okay. Find out if she’s okay. If it’s excessively hot or bitterly cold and her power is out, she should go somewhere with air conditioning or heat to avoid overheating or freezing.

If there is any damage, contractors need to come in and prevent additional damage. Missing shingles aren’t too bad, but rain getting into the house and soaking the ceiling sheetrock could lead to mold growth. A broken window needs to be replaced to prevent rain, cold air, animals, and insects from getting inside.

Do You Live Too Far Away?

You might not live nearby. If you don’t, ask other family members or neighbors if they can check on your mom before and after the storm. If that’s not possible, it’s time to talk to an elder care agency.

Elder care services help your mom with several aspects of daily living. She could have the caregiver help her with meals or drive her to a shelter if there is an evacuation in place. Elder care services can check on your senior following a storm and ensure they are safe in their homes.

If you or an aging loved one is considering elder care in Smithfield, NC, please contact the caring staff at Seniors Helping Seniors today. Call (919) 761-5346.

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