Assisted Living Community vs. Senior Home Care

Assisted Living Community vs. Senior Home Care – What option is right?

Assisted Living vs. Senior Home Care - what are you options

If you are debating between home care and an assisted living community for your loved one, there are a number of factors to take into consideration in order to make the best decision.

Experts say the most important things to consider when evaluating whether your relative will stay home or move into a senior care facility are the cost of care and the level of daily care needed. Evaluate your loved one’s current living situation, their preferences and expectations, their routines, access to medical care, as well as other important factors such as level of social interaction, management of medication and a safe environment, and weigh those against your financial resources and safety concerns.

If your family member is mostly in good health but gets lonely, an assisted living community could be the best fit.  If your relative dislikes the idea of an assisted living community and needs a more focused attention, in-home care might be a better option.

At Senior Helping Seniors we understand the importance of evaluating all options and making the best decision for your loved one regarding this next phase of their life.

This month, we are featuring this article below from Contributor Elaine K. Howley, which we think will help you guide you through this process:

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