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Seniors Helping Seniors®
Southwest Broward
Voted “Best Home Care
in Plantation, FL

3 Exercises To
Get Seniors Pumped
For A Fit & Fun Summer!

4 Seniors Helping Seniors® Tips
For Discussing In-Home Care
With Your Senior Loved One

Fun For Everyone!
Celebrate National
Game & Puzzle Week With The
Seniors Helping Seniors® Team

Seniors Helping Seniors
is Now Part of the
Veterans Affairs
Community Care Network

Dig In To Fall!
Health Benefits of Gardening
With Seniors Helping Seniors

Change The Game, Seniors!
Stimulate Mind & Body
With Video Gaming

Seniors Helping Seniors
Featured In
Franchising Magazine USA
(“Unretiring” Opportunities
in Senior Care)

The Purrfect Companion:
Discover The Perks of Pets
with Seniors Helping Seniors®
In-Home Services!

Energize Your Summer!
Fight Fatigue With
Seniors Helping Seniors®
In-Home Services

Provider Spotlight:
Meet Heart2Heart
Outreach of South Florida

National Senior
Health & Fitness Day:
Physical Activity is
Essential to Healthy Aging
& Easy Exercises for Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors®
in Southwest Broward County, FL
Now Officially Serving
Sunrise and Plantation, FL

Off The Leash!
Seniors Helping Seniors® Tips
For A Tail-Wagging Walk

Occupational Therapy:
A Seniors Helping Seniors®
Suggestion For
A More Independent YOU!

Beautiful Parks with
Walking Trails in
Southwest Broward County, FL

Three Must-Have Spring
Houseplants For Greenery-Loving
Seniors in Broward County, FL

Seniors Helping Seniors® Steps
To Tackle Spring Cleaning

Seniors Helping Seniors®
In-Home Services
Honors Caregivers for
National Caregivers Day

Tea Time! A Soothing Sip
With Seniors Helping Seniors®
In-Home Care Services

Seniors Helping Seniors®
Hobbies To Kick Off
The New Year

The Year Ahead:
Creating Your
Senior Vision Board!

A Season of
Senior Stories

How Seniors Can
Protect Themselves
From Scams and Fraud

Older Driver Awareness Week
Seniors Helping Seniors
Offers Advice for Safe
Travels This Holiday Season

Gratitude Journaling
Seniors Helping Seniors

Provider Spotlight:
Meet Joseph A. Rivera
from New York Life

Pointers to Brighten
Your Mindset
During Shorter Fall Days

Stories of Love:
Meet Joanne

Quilt Making:
A Fall Tradition
Stitched In Time

Senior Tips to Beat the Heat
and Stay Healthy in
Broward County, Florida!

Water Activities
for Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors Eats!
Delicious Heart-Healthy
Summer Recipes

Fourth Of July Festivities –
City Events in Southwest
Broward County

Safe, Easy Ways for
Seniors to Exercise

Testimonials –
What Our Clients Are Saying

Seniors Helping Seniors®
In-Home Care
Voted “Best Senior Care”

Intergenerational Care –
Raising Children While
Caring for Elderly Parents

Benefits of Yoga
for Seniors

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